For Digital Adventure 4, I decided to introduce Insta 360 one X. It is a 360-degree action camera that uses dual 200-degree f/2 lenses to create really unique 18-megapixel photos or 5.7k spherical video. Unlike prior 360 cameras, which were designed to capture the video you watched through a VR headset or that you panned your phone around to see, the One X is designed to let you turn it on and know that you’re going to capture whatever is happening around you. What I really like is unique and stable footage,

The first time I used the One X I was totally sold on this promise of unique shots with little setup up. It took me some time to go with the manual prior to shooting my first video. Insta360 has made 360 photos and video more accessible by not putting the focus on 360-degree output, but for me, there are still too many steps for a finished video I don’t necessarily know what to do with.

Using this video device, I learn a lot about light and sound, because these two components are crucial for getting high-quality video especially if the purpose of the video is for education. Insta has strong community support on Facebook, so I asked a few times for advice.

This camera can be useful for fieldwork, for example, geology students or medical students can watch with the VR headset real situation and to better understand the environment. The issue that I’ve faced is the battery and sensitive case. There is no input for audio. Audio should be recorded separately and later sync in Premiere Pro software.

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