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I'm Nina Adjanin,


 I'm a doctoral student for Instructional Technology at Ohio University. My passion is a scientific expedition in extreme environment. I have been a mountaineer, rock and ice climber as well as an expedition guide for many years. 



Adventure and Science are the two words how I can describe myself. I grow up on Grmec mountain in Bosnia where I've felt in love with the mountain and nature. 




    Current Projects    

    Research interests      



The use of technology and the way how technology can improve our life and environment around us


Going beyond the limit, seeking for the new discovery


One of the biggest problems in Society is the lack of education. Distance learning, 360 and VR enviroment can improve education

Polar Regions

The axial tilt of the Earth has a major effect on climate of the polar regions. Climate change can be recognized in these areas


Nina Adanin​



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